Tips on Using an Electric Shaver with Dry and Wet Methods

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A manual shaver may grant you a closer result of shaving. However, utilizing an electric shaver means it is more convenient and you will not get as so many cuts on your beautiful skin. Most of you already know that using this shaving tool is totally an amazing choice.

Given that you have already bought the best electric shaver. What makes dry or wet shaving methods different is that wet shaver can be used in the shower. But it’s not advised to use it in the bathtub. Both methods are quite the same and what’s more important is to make the proper preparation for your skin.

1. Dry Shaving  Methods

The advantages of dry shaving method are you can do a quick and easy work, avoid cuts and it gives you constant smoothness. The final purpose is actually removing your hair as much as you can do with the electric razor. Before you do that, you have to take care of your skin so that it won’t be injured while shaving. First you need to use lukewarm water and a mild soap to wash your legs. Wash carefully and then pat them dry. This step is important to make your hair become softer and your skin more elastic.

When you start shaving, make upward movements from our ankle and go up to your thigh. While doing so, make small circular movements or do what the instruction of the model tells you. Repeat the shaving process as much as you need until the hair is no longer noticeable. After you are done with that, wash your legs once more or just wipe them clean. The last one should be moisturizing. Using a moisturizer helps restore your skin condition so that it will not become dry.

2. Wet Shaving Methods

Although this method is similar to dry shaving, you will need a particular shaving gel to help. The difference is that your legs must be wet during the process. Some would prefer wet method over dry because it’s gentler to the skin. Just like dry method, rinse your legs with soap and warm water. After that, apply the gel moderately over the hairs on your legs.

Make circulation movements gently over your ankle and work the way up to your thigh. Look at any areas that you haven’t touched. Once you have finished with all of that, wash your legs and use moisturizer to keep them hydrated. It’s said that wet shaving with the best electric shaver is gentler than dry method because of the lubrication the skin gets during the process.

Try to avoid your shaver being clogged so that it can work effectively. It is suggested that you clean your tool after using it right away. Wash away any hair that’s left and then let your shaver dried out. After that you can clean the rest with a brush.  Avoid applying oil to the areas that you will shave because it can clog your shaver easily with hair. Even though you have the best electric razor, a clogged tool still leads to further damage.

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