Proline Pro XL 20 BMX Race Review

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Best Pro BMX Bike in the Proline Redline Type

What is the best BMX bike? In case you are wondering about such a question, you need to check on some of the top brand options. Proline is one of the reliable names in the industry so you are making a wise choice when you decide to have one. It has some of the best features in the industry. It is not a bike for newbie or beginner, for sure, but it is definitely a bike for professionals or for advanced users. But teenagers who want to explore the sports or get the feel of the bike can always try for one.

Just like the other variants from Proline, as well as the racing variant, this Pro XL is designed for those into racing. This bike is created for users above 15 years of age or at least, taller than 5 foot 6 inch height. If you think you are ready to be more serious about bike race, you need to have the right support. And choosing the right bike should be your first step in this process.

The bike is made from the high quality material, such as integrated HT, Euro BB, and alloy proprietary Redline 6061 formed tube. It is also completed with multi butted construction fork, chromo RL and tapered legs. It also comes with sealed aluminum cassette hub on the back as well as the front hub. The seat is pivotal without padding. There is a special seating clamp for quick and easy release, designed to improve flexibility and maneuverability. No wonder if this line is considered as one of the best pro BMX bikes ever designed and manufactured.

If you check into the users’ review section, you should see that this bike has a lot of positive feedbacks and reviews. If you want to get serious about bike racing, this is a perfect starting bike. It is definitely designed for advanced users who are new to the racing world. The bike itself isn’t included within the entry level but it sits in the middle between the elite and the beginner. The price factor is quite reasonable, considering that it uses the best materials possible with the most solid construction ever.

Does it have quality parts? Yes, it does. Is it strong enough to take the beat? You can bet on it. Be advised, though, that some of the parts may be a letdown, such as the quality of the tube. Moreover, it is not one of the best BMX bikes for beginners, so you can’t choose it for a completely newbie user.

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