Proline Pro 24 BMX Race Cruiser Review

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Proline Race Pro Bike as the Best BMX Bike

When it comes to choosing one of the best BMX bikes, you may want to consider Pro 24 Redline Proline because of the overall quality and construction and the smooth feel of the bike itself. Not all bikes are designed for racing but you have found the right one if you are looking for one. Mind you, though, that this bike isn’t designed for beginner so you may want to be careful about it.

This Pro 24 Proline is designed and created for those who want to dig seriously into the sport. If you are returning to the sport, this can be an ideal option too. Naturally, the construction of the bike should support the main purpose so it should be solid and sturdy. But you can expect it to be tough, thanks to the combination of racing tapered fork, the alloy 6061-T frame sealed hub, and butted CrMo quality for value and also performance.

You need to remember that a bike designed especially for racing and rough terrain should have a better and more solid platform. You can’t really use it for beginners because most of them will think that this bike is too difficult to control. But rest assured that you are actually getting yourself one of the best BMX race bikes worth your spending so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

If you want to get a quality bike with the premium materials and quality, this bike is one of the best examples. The forged alloy cranks have thick chrome 24mm spindle that will support the construction. The rear hub cassette is fully sealed with aluminum and so is the front hub. The seat is pivotal to improve flexibility and movement but without padding. And it comes with a special seating clamp designed for quick release.

If you are into this bike sports field, you know that getting the quality race bike isn’t always easy because the construction and the overall performance don’t always live up to your expectation. But for this Proline variant, you can be sure about getting the solid and tough item and yet with improved flexibility and versatility. It allows you to maneuver in the most difficult terrain without compromising your move.

Be aware, though, that there is a recommended feature to use the bike. For instance, the chainstay should be around 14.4 inch and the top tube should be around 21.8 inch. The seat angle should be 70 degrees and the head angle is 74 degrees. If you want to know further specs of this bike, explore further. As one of the best BMX bike brands, you can be sure that Proline is able to deliver whatever you want.

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