Best Electric Shaver Under $50 of 2018

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Market is filled with electric shaver products that claimed as the best electric shaver under $50. Even though the manufacturers have strong claim towards their products, it does not necessarily mean that the product is actually better than the rest. Due to the low price offered, the material and technology included in some of those products are not sufficient enough to give comfort for its users. When it comes to choosing electric shaver, comfort is the crucial factor. Expensive electric shaver products are equipped with the best feature to provide comfort needed by its user.

Our Pick for Best Electric Shaver Under $50

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Aside from comfort aspect, you also need to consider several other reasons when purchasing electric shaver. Facial hair sometimes stuck on the razor when you shave. If the facial hair is not removed thoroughly, it might dull the razor blade. Therefore, the best razor should be easy to clean. The razor equipped on electric shaver also deserves attention. Products with cheaper price are often unable to give close and clean shaving. You will get cleaner shave if the shaver you use is able to give close shaving. The razor should able to cut or pull facial hair leaving no trace left. Saving performance is also an important thing to consider. Most electric shavers come with unique head design. Such design allows the razor to follow your facial contour smoothly.

After considering all of those performance related aspect, you need to consider the product specification as well. As mentioned before, cheaper products come with cheaper materials as well. There is a good chance that such products will be broken easily. Along with product durability, you also need to consider its price. The products on this compilation list are offered at affordable price. The price tag for each of them will not surpass $50.

Best Electric Shaver Under $50 – Buyer’s Guide

1. Remington PG6025

The superior feature of Remington PG6250 is its grooming kit. The kit consists of eight different attachments that you can use for different shaving needs. The best thing about those attachments is they are easy to wash. The razor included in this best electric shaver under $50 is self-sharpening. Since the material is made out of steel blade, it has longer durability compared to other products. The power used on this Remington electric shaver comes from lithium battery. This battery technology is able to give more than an hour of cordless shaving. The package also includes pouch. You can store your electric shaver inside the pouch when you go for travelling.

2. Philips Norelco QP2520/70

When it comes for the best electric shavers, products by Philips are worth considering. The manufacturer boasts its hybrid function as shaver and trimmer. The single blade feature used in this product is able to clean your facial hair with one simple sweep. The best part about its blade is you can use them for any facial hair types. It does not matter if your facial hair is soft or thick, the product will clean them up for you. The blade has two sharp edges to ensure that it is able to give precise trimming. You can bring this cheap electric razor home with less than $40.00.

3. Remington F5-5800

If you prefer foil shaver, the Remington F5-5800 is definitely the best option that you can choose. It is offered in two different modes. Cordless and corded modes allow you to get better shaving. The corded mode is recommended for clean shaving when you are at home. Meanwhile, the cordless mode is highly recommended when you are travelling. For traveling purposes, the battery includes fast charging feature. It gives a full hour of operation in cordless mode. The other beneficial feature implemented on the product is the easy to clean feature.  For modern electric shaver, it can be purchased with price less than $50.00.

4. Philips Norelco 3100

This product is highly recommended for those of you who like to use rotary shavers instead of regular razor shaver. Philips Norelco 3100 is equipped with four flex heads. Those flex heads rotate in different directions thus give cleaner cut. Simply rinse the flex head on the faucet to clean the leftover facial hair. It relies on lithium ion battery to supply the power. With less than $40.00, you will be able to purchase this product.

5. Philips Norelco 2100

Aside from manufacturing 3100 series, Philips Norelco also releases the 2100 series. This series is using three rotary blades instead of four. Despite having less rotary blades, it is able to give reliable performance. The rotary blade has self-sharpening feature for user convenience. For a product offered with less than $40.00, this best electric razor has good performance.

6. Remington PR1235

Most people mention that electric shaver with rotary blade is able to give better result than conventional blade. The Remington PR1235 is a product you can count on to clean your facial hair. It has three rotary blades with removable feature. Moreover, it incorporates unique handle design for comfortable grip when being used for shaving. The price tag of this top electric razor is less than $40.

7. Remington F2-3800L

This foil shaver product offers satisfying result of shaving. The foils used on this Remington F2-3800 are arranged in such a way that allows it to give close cut. The blade itself is manufactured with stainless steel material. This industrial grade metal is not only self-sharpening, but also durable. The cordless feature of this cheap electric shaver lasts for 30 minutes. The package already comes with rechargeable battery. Despite offered at $40, the feature in it is relatively decent.

8. Remington MB4040

For traveling purposes, you will need electric shaver with sleek design. The Remington MB4040 is a futuristic electric shaver manufactured with sleek design. Its design allows you to slide it in the traveling bag without any problem at all. Despite having slimmer layout than most products, it is surprisingly has better griping handle. The package comes with three different blades that can be used to achieve different shaving result. The electric shaver along with its blades is offered at less than $40.

9. Braun M90

If you are looking for portable electric shaver, you can choose Braun M90. This particular product can be folded easily. This folding feature shortens its length into half. When not being used, the handle can be twisted and serves as cap to protect the foils. The precision blade included on its head gives precision cut when being used to shave your moustache. This electric razor is available in the market with price less than $35.00.

10. Braun Pocket Electric Shaver

As the name of this product suggest, you might already expect a compact electric shaver. Its twisting handle feature can be used to protect the foils when not being used. Designed for traveling purposes, it includes long lasting battery. In order to clean the foil, all you need to do is placing the blades under running water. It will automatically clean the leftover facial hair on the foils. The market price for Braun Pocket Electric Shaver is less than $30.00

In the market, you can see numerous electric shaver manufactured by different company in wide array of brands. The products listed above have reliable performance. If you are looking for the best electric shaver under $50, you can use this list as reference.

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