Best Electric Shaver Under $200 of 2018

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Buying your first electric shaver or upgrading your shaver often can be tricky especially when there are so many products available. Choosing the right one requires you to determine several things. Narrowing down the best electric shaver under $200 becomes the first task. Once you are done with it, it’s getting easier to choose the one.

Our Pick for Best Electric Shaver Under $200

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Choosing the electric shaver instead of manual shaver definitely has some advantages. The first advantage is more speed. Most electric shaver users commented about faster shaving that they like so much from the shaver. The second advantage is more convenient shaving as no gel or water is needed. But if you insist of using it wet, it’s no problem. The third advantage is flexibility as you can easily keep the shaver inside your hand luggage and bring it while you travel. Once the battery is fully charged, it can last to two weeks.

When it comes to choosing the right shaver, there are several things to consider. Look for shaver with comb attachment if you are a person who tends to maintain your beard. This attachment will help you to keep the perfect length of goatee. Make sure that the electric shaver is waterproof. It’s also a great idea if you can find shaver that can be used with gel. Put attention to the charge display as you choose the right shaver. If you can find shaver with digital countdown display, you will be very pleased. At least the charge display should have indicator lights to let you know the status of the battery. Good electric shaver usually comes with quick charging. This is a very convenient feature that lets you to save more time.

Best Electric Shaver Under $200 – Buyer’s Guide

1. Braun Series Cordless Electric Foil Shaver 7 790cc-4

Braun has been known for producing top-notch electric shavers with Intelligent Sonic technology. It allows power to increase on denser hair and in difficult area. It is added with ActiveLift trimmer which is able to easily capture flat-flying hairs found in some problems areas. This shaver offers more superior and highly efficient shaving through unique technologies. It’s 100% waterproof for more convenient use and cleaner shaving.

2. Braun Series Wet and Dry Electric Foil Shaver 7-740S-6

Braun has another top notch electric foil shaver. The OptiFoil feature is designated for better shaving. It comes with 3 personalization modes to allow various kinds of use and various skin types including sensitive skin. For optimum facial adaptability, Braun gives the new system of Fully Flexible Shaving and Precision Trimmer. This shaver is fully sealed to allow easy and quick rinsing under the running water. The Pulsonic Technology is the main reason behind its impressive capability to capture more hair in every stroke.

3. Panasonic 4-Blade Cordless Electric Razor Wet/Dry ES-LA63-S Arc4

This award winning electric shaver is completed with dual motor shaving system, 4 blade and 30°angle blades of Nanotech with precision honed to allow maximum sharpness and durability. It’s equipped with Hyper Performance Dual Motor that is definitely fast and powerful to deliver up to 14.000 cuts per minute. And with 4 blades at once, it means 56.000 cuts per minute. This shaver can move gently along the face contours including the jaw, neck and chin.

4. Braun Cordless Electric Foil Shaver Series 5 5090 cc with Clean and Charge Station

This new electric shaver series of Braun promises maximum skin comfort and performance including in problem areas. The new feature of New FlexMotionTec offers more efficient shaving and less pressure to minimize skin irritation. With New Power Drive that delivers 20% more power, the shaver delivers high speed cutting including on your dense beards. As for the battery, it uses rechargeable Li-ion battery that takes only 1 hour for full charging.

5. Braun Cordless Electric Foil Shaver Series 7 760cc-4 with Clean and Charge Station

This new electric foil shaver from Braun is added with OptFoil cuts that can cut even the shortest hair of 0.05mm. It comes with flexible cutting elements to allow cutting hair on problem areas. The pivoting shaving head is added to minimize skin irritation. This shaver can be used in both wet and dry condition allowing you to use it with gel in ease. As for the cleansing, it can be done under running water.

6. Philips Norelco Shaver for Sensitive Skin 7300

Philips with its top notch electric shavers always make surprises. This time, the Philips 7300 is designated specifically for sensitive skin. With its anti-friction microbead, it allows more comfort and smooth glide. It also has the new Gentle Precision Blade System to protect the skin while you do some cutting. On the other hand, its DynamicFlex heads can move simultaneously in five directions to follow your face’s contours.

7. Panasonic Electric Razor ES-LA93-K Arc4

For both wet and dry operation, this electric razor fulfills your need. Its 4 blades can deliver 56.000 cutting per minute. It means better shaving result. The new pivoting head makes sure the shaver can glide smoothly along face’s contours. Coming in the set is the Charging Station and Premium Automatic Cleaning that can be controlled only by touching a button. Using for wet and dry operation should come in handy.

8. Panasonic 4-Blade Cordless Electric Shaver for Wet and Dry

Every Panasonic electric shaver comes with four Nanotech blades with ultra-sharp to allow cleaner, quicker and more comfortable shaving. Its Arc-4 foil closely and gently conforms to your facial contours that promise outstanding shaving result and comfort. Meanwhile, it is also added with flexible pivoting head to that effortlessly glide over your chin, face, jaw and neck. Whether for wet or dry operation, this shaver always performs excellent.

9. Philips Norelco S9311/87

Philips has another new product of Norelco S9311/87. All the blades in this shaver can shave more comfortably and 30% closer. It allows you to choose the suitable speed setting for your hair and skin type. The slow setting is the most skin-friendliest shaving mode. The medium setting is designated for more thorough shaving while fast setting is for high powered shaving. The maintenance is considerably easy thanks to its SmartClean system.

10. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 5700 Wet and Dry

The new electric shaver from Philips offers 10% more power than the previous models. It is added with special MultiPrecision Blade System where the blades can cut short and long hair faster. Its 5-Direction Flex Heads can bend in 5 different direction to deliver faster and closer shaving. Thanks to its Aquatec Wet and Dry feature that brings comfortable use for wet and dry operation. Meanwhile, its cleaning is much easier as well.

11. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 8900 for Wet and Dry

This electric shaver promises perfection in every shaving. The Flex Heads can even flex in 8 different directions and bring 20$ more power than the previous models. It is added with 5 lengths setting to allow you creating your desired look in easier ways. The new Contour Detect Technology promises 20% more hair to shave every time. And it has advanced interface that shows the travel locks and 3 level of battery indicator.

12. Philips Norelco Shaver Series 7300 for Sensitive Skin

Hand up to the new electric shaver for sensitive skin brought by Philips. This brand new shaver comes with Comfort Rings, a special feature to reduce the friction using the specially designed microbead coating. It can allow more satisfying shaving result and minimized irritation. It also uses the high tech LED interface to display the battery status

13. Philips Norelco 3D Electric Razor 1250X/40 Senso Touch

Its main feature, the Gyroflex 3D allows contouring in three ways, tilt inward, pivot around and flex outward. The UltraTrack heads deliver three different shaving tracks to catch any hair so you can shave closer. It also comes with pop-out trimmer for both moustache and sideburns. This is the razor you have to choose for ultimate shaving experience.

With the best electric shaver under $200 on the list above, you can make the decision easier. Whether it is Philips, Braun, Norelco or Panasonic, any electric shaver can be yours.  The right electric shaver can be your investment for years.

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