Best Electric Shaver for Women of 2018

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What is best electric shaver for women?? There are actually tons of brands out there. The problem is, there are so many of them that narrowing down your options can be difficult. Unless you are loaded and you can afford every purchase, you can’t really buy all the different items altogether. The best thing that you can do is to at least try them one by one in turns.

Even better, you can consult the reviews so you have the ideas of which product to try based on your personal preference. Mind you that there are actually a lot of products designed for ladies but most of them ignore the fact and simply reach out for the cheapest product. If you want to get the best bargain, be sure that it goes along with your preference and also your budget. You probably think that electric razors for women aren’t as many as those for men but you would be surprised to explore the market and find the truth.

Best Electric Shaver for Women – Buyer’s Guide

Don’t worry as you should always be able to find the best electric shaver for women as long as you make a dedicated research. Keep in mind that shavers for women should be different from men because of the different types of hair. Not to mention that women users are generally fussier and demanding when it comes to the comfort and convenience of the usage. That’s why it would be a best idea to know some of the potential best women shaver we have in the market.

1. Remington Rechargeable Smooth Glide

This is considered one of the best electric razor for ladies for so many good reasons. First of all, the design is portable, compact, convenient, and cute. It feels lightweight and yet solid in your hands, so no flimsy or cheesy feel when you are using it. Second, it is rechargeable unit so you don’t have to worry about making extra spending with manual battery and all. Running out of battery? Simply connect it to the power outlet and you are good to go. Third, it glides perfectly, creating a smooth surface without you having to worry about being cut and all. Is it safe? It’s completely and ultimately safe. Looking for a handy device among electric razors out there? Put it into your list.

One thing to like about this electric razor is the design with the specialized angled head consisting of four blades constructed together. Despite the four blades, this shaver is super safe. You don’t have to worry about the nick or cut. The hair foil is designed to stay as close as possible with the skin, creating smooth and perfect shaving outcome without hurting your skin. Moreover, it comes with cordless design so you don’t have to be overly fussy with the cable. No wonder if this device is included within the best electric shaver for women list.

2. Butterfly Pro

If you first see this electric razor, you will probably mistake it for a perfume because of the unique design. Unlike the other razors, this one is definitely different but it doesn’t compromise the functionality in delivering promising result. Not to mention that it comes with all the handy features that make it one of the best women electric shavers ever designed.

Why is it considered as the best electric shaver for women? The design is created so you can have a comfortable grip while reaching all areas within the body easily. Because it is made for body shaving, the head is big enough to accommodate different movements while the rotary cutters shave closely and quickly. Since there are five of them, the final result will be flawless and smooth. You don’t have to worry about cutting yourself either because the unique safety feature has been improved to avoid such a thing.

The easiness in the recharging the device is one of the features that make it the best. If you have a single charge, expect it to take 90 minutes. If you want to have a complete recharge, you need to spend two hours and a half. It is cordless, obviously, so you can take it anywhere you like. However, be careful when using it because it can’t be used in the shower or bathtub despite its wet or dry flexibility.  There are some optional accessories and attachments available in case you are interested. However, the basic features alone have made this device as the best electric shaver for women ever made.

3. SatinShave Philips

As one of the best women electric shavers, this device comes with all the handy features and functionalities. Philips understands that women have more curves than men, so they design an ergonomic device that will accommodate your curves while delivering smoother shave at the same time. Suffering from irritation or nicks? Not to worry; you won’t experience such a thing with this electric razor.

The device offers flexible functionality where you can use it for dry or wet condition. It also comes with anti-slip grip and multi flex head that will follow the body contour effortlessly. It is also a razor as well as a trimmer which means that you can expect a smooth outcome. As one of the handiest electric razors, this one comes with additional accessories, including cap, pouch, travel cap, and comb that will make carrying super easy and also fun.

4. ES-ED90-P Panasonic Shaver and Epilator

Want to get your hands on the best electric shaver for women? Consider using this device and your life will change for good. It is a multifunctional device with several uses that will improve your user experience. The combination of dual speed motor and also hair remover (don’t forget the pedicure buffer too) will deliver satisfying result for the hair removal. The head comes with hypo allergenic blade so it is completely safe for sensitive skin.

As one of the best electric shaver for women, this device can be used on wet or dry condition, offering flexible use. The epilator will make sure to remove the unwanted hair while creating an irritation-free result. No wonder if this device is included as one of the best devices that are women-friendly.

5. PS335 T-Shape Cleancut

If you take a look at the design, you probably think that it is just another traditional and regular shaver. In reality, it is one of those personal electric razors, so yes, it uses batteries. Despite the claim as the effective and efficient shaver, it is more like a trimmer instead of a shaver. You can use it as a shaver if you want to, be keep in mind that this device actually pulls, especially when dealing with tough and coarse hair. This trimmer for ladies works best when paired up with a handy shaver so you can have a smooth finish with this trimmer as the final touch.

6. BikiniPerfect Philips Advanced

Unlike the previous trimmer, this one is super smooth and it doesn’t catch hair. It is perfect for women because it can give you nice and flawless bikini trim. Not to mention that the rechargeable feature and the cordless design are super nice to hold and use. No wonder if it is claimed to be the best electric shaver for women because of the features.

Thanks to the six attachments, flexible head, ergonomic design, and nice battery life, you will have your private ‘arsenal’ for the beauty regime. Another cool thing about this device is that it comes with a travel bag, including exfoliation glove, illuminating tweezers, charging adaptor, and the six attachments. Many users love the epilator because of the easiness. It is smooth, the battery is quite long lasting, and it doesn’t pull. Although this device is designed for women, many men find out that it is actually pretty convenient for guy users as well.

7. ES2216PC Panasonic Shaver

As one of the electric razors designed for female user, this device packs all the important stuff. For a starter, it comes with feminine design and cordless shape so there is no need to be fussy with the tangled of cables. The device is slim, portable, compact, and lightweight, allowing you to carry it easily without hassle.

As the best electric shaver for women, it comes with floating heads that will follow the body contour conveniently. Worries about nicks, bumps, or cuts? No need to because this device is designed to be quite flexible and yet with promising result. The shaving ability is pretty close to your skin, so you will have the flawless and super smooth effect. It is considered the best women shaver because of the flexible wet or dry usage. There are additional attachments to use so you can groom your bikini area or simply remove the hair from whatever parts that you want. Not to mention that the blade comes with hypo allergenic feature, ideal for sensitive skin.

8. WDF4840 Remington Foil Shaver

Another potential product designed specifically for ladies is the Remington foil device. The device is able to deliver close cut and neat trim while keeping your skin safe, smooth, and irritated-free. However, don’t expect it to deliver 100% perfect close shave but it is able to create fast, efficient, and painless shaving condition. Whether you are a busy mom, an active woman, or a person with a tight schedule, you will find it the best women shaver that is worth the spending.

There are still other things to like about this electric razor. It comes with aloe vera strip that will nourish your skin and make it soft. It also comes with advanced blade system where the four blades are designed in a specific way to improve effective shaving without hurting you. The dual sided trimmer has nice tips for comfortable experience. Since it is designed for women, all the features are designed to improve their experience. No wonder if it is included within the list of the best electric shaver for women.

9. LS5160WD Silk-épil Braun Shaver

As one of the best women electric shavers, this device comes with a rounded head that will deliver smooth and perfect outcome. Since the device is designed for women users, it has a perfect gliding operation that will accommodate the female body’s contour nicely. Thanks to the floating foil and nice trimmer system, you can expect smooth result without hurting your skin or whatsoever.  What makes this the best electric shaver for women is the flexibility for wet and dry condition, so it is super flexible and versatile.

As one of the best women electric shavers, this electric razor also comes with various attachments that will improve your user experience. It has optishave attachment, as well as bikini trimmer and exfoliation attachments.  Is it perfect for sensitive skin? You bet it is, thanks to all of the handy features. It is the best electric shaver for women that comes with affordable tag price. It is also able to shave as well as trimming unwanted hair so having one will be your best investment in looking radiant and sharp.

10. ES2291DT Panasonic Two Blade Shaver

Another choice of the best electric shaver for women is this two blade shaver, designed with special focus on women’s body and contour. Being invented for ladies, you can be sure that is completely safe, irritation free, and comfortable. As one of the best devices, you will enjoy a lot of handy and functional features, such as portable design, compact size, and so much more. There are many electric razors out there, but having one that can understand and accommodate your needs is quite rare.

A lot of users claim it as the best electric shaver for women because of the dual functional systems. This electric razor is able to shave the hair and trim it off. It first removes hair and then trims it to create a neater look. No wonder if it is said as the best women shaver ever designed by most of the lady users.

There you go, some of the best electric razors designed for women. Naturally, you need to choose the most ideal electric razor that meets your requirements and wants, just be sure that you have done a thorough research. There are different shavers, but only a few will accommodate your needs. Don’t rush things if you want to get the best electric shaver for women.

How to Choose the Best Electric Shaver for Women?

Most of us already know how hard it is to come across the perfect electric razor. With a lot of options in the market, it is tricky to choose the right one especially if all of them guarantee the smoothest results. But every so often those promises are just words and make us waste our money buying things that are unreliable.

Electric shaver in the market has a variety of different prices, styles, and types of blade. You possibly will simply splurge yourself with a few dollars on the best women’s electric shavers. But only to be disappointed and find out that it should have been better with a cheaper model.

1. What to seek in an Electric Shaver

Having a choice of great shavers for women is one thing. However, understanding what to find on the one that will be really suitable for you is more splendid. A model perhaps works well with someone, but it may not the best for you.

2. Multiple Purposes

A shaver is not only to shave your legs. For ladies, there is more than just an area to groom and the shaver must be capable of carrying on with the activities. Choose the one that offers multiple purposes feature in order that you can keep maintaining your body parts that need shaving with one instrument. Of course you don’t want to hoard up a lot of shavers in your house just for those activities.

3. Design Efficiency

The best women electric shavers may still be bad for you if its design is not efficient. If you have smaller hands, a big model is simply not ergonomically great for you. Picture yourself handling big tool to shave areas that are hard to reach. Choose the model with slim design and your hand can hold it firmly. Make sure you’re comfortable with using the tool.

4. Battery Life

Imagine how long you spend your time to shave the whole areas and surfaces which need shaving. Put it in your consideration so that you choose one of the best women electric shavers that lasts as long as possible. See the package of the model you choose, you will find the battery life and how long it can work until it’s powered out. Make sure the battery life will last long.

5. Warranty​

You might want a tool that you can use for a long time. That is why you must choose any best women electric shavers that offer warranty with at least one to two years period. This allows you to know that the maker of the product is trusted for making the tools last for years. You can ease your worries if there’s anything happen with the tool you can always claim the warranty.

6. Advantages and Disadvantages

The best women electric shavers can work faster than shaving manually. This tool can handle many areas and surfaces more efficiently than manual shaver. Shaving with it allows you to avoid getting too many cuts on your skin. However, the disadvantage is that the shaving results are not as close as doing it in manual way. Being electric means you need to charge the battery and clean it often for maintenance.

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