ASUS Zenbook UX360CA Under $700 Review

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Do you want laptop with capability to handle gaming activity every day? There are many options on market; even one manufacturer provides several brands and products. Which one is better to meet you budget? If course, one of the best and top gaming laptops under 700 is Asus UX360CA or Zenbook. You may be familiar with ROS series from Asus as specific product line for gaming laptop. However, Zenbook delivers the ultimate specs with sleek design and lightweight. Moreover, the display is in flip mode to turn it into tablet type.

First thing to explore from this laptop is its design. It has display with size 13.3 inch and full HD screen with resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels. The features on display are flipping or rotating, touchscreen, anti-glare, LED backlit, and IPS technology. Flipping means the display is able to turn backward from its position. You can fold counter position from usual laptop mode. It gives you the screen at opposite side with keyboard and trackpad. Using this mode also requires IPS and anti-glare technology. Moreover, touchscreen is also responsive and you can access every menu on screen. Those features are what you get from this one of the top laptops under 700.

As the best laptop for under 700, Asus Zenbook has advanced technology for processor, graphic, and RAM. The processor relies on Intel core i5 7Y54 and graphic from Intel HD Graphics. Its RAM capacity is 8 GB DDR3. For processor, you can enhance its capability using Turbo Boost. Asus provides SSD as internal storage for this laptop. It gives faster access and task executing when playing game.

Besides those specs, other features are SD card, Wi-Fi adaptor, Bluetooth, USB 3.0 port, HDMI port, and jack audio. This laptop uses USB charger mode when the battery capacity is low. It gives faster and more reliable charging with less time. As the best gaming laptop for under 700, the sound quality cannot be ignored. This laptop uses advanced sound and audio technology to deliver what gaming need to be. You can use jack audio to connect into external speaker or headset.

Gaming laptop does not have to be expensive, but the capability and reliability are the key to keep gaming enjoyable. That is what you expect from this Zenbook laptop from Asus. It belongs to budget gaming laptop with affordable price. Moreover, you will receive official windows 10 as operating system when purchasing it for the first time, including the warranty and support team.

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